The Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom

As from today you are no longer dependent on where your inlingua language trainer is based: Using your Notebook, tablet or even your smartphone you can connect up with him/her via the Internet - whether you’re in the office, on a business trip or at home.

Your benefits

•    Sessions can be one-to-one or in a group with an inlingua trainer
•    You have eye contact with your trainer via a webcam and speak into your headset
•    The focus is on speaking in the target language, with supplementary work on the whiteboard and online material supplied by the trainer

Tuition times
By arrangement    

Number of participants
3 to 5 participants (closed group); 1 (one-to-one)

A1 to C2

Course material
1 inlingua flex-e-book as well as Download of Virtual Classroom-Software included

Starting dates
Whenever you want  - but at the earliest two days after your booking    

Your technical requirements
Fast Internet access, terminal device (Notebook with webcam, tablet, smartphone), headset, pre-installed Adobe Flash Player



Would you like to know more?
Great! Thank you for the interest shown. We will be pleased to send you our offer:

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